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Under   current   law,   we   are   required   to   alert   consumers   to   the   existence   of   the   European   Online   Dispute   Resolution   platform,   which   can   be   used   to   settle   disputes without   the   need   to   bring   a   court   to   court.   The   platform   is   set   up   by   the   European   Commission.   The   European   online   dispute   resolution   platform   can   be   found   here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.   Our   e-mail   is:   info@leitner-naturstein.com.   However,   please   note   that   we   are   not   prepared   to   participate   in   the   dispute   settlement   process under the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform. Please use our e-mail and telephone number to get in contact with us (see "legal notice"). 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The pictures, photos and graphics on this website are protected by copyright. Privacy Policy: We   have   written   this   privacy   policy   (version   of   June,   06th   2018)   to   explain   to   you,   in   accordance   with   the   provisions   of   the   EU   General   Data   Protection   Regulation, which   information   we   collect,   how   we   use   data   and   what   options   you   have   as   a   visitor   to   this   website.   Unfortunately,   it   is   in   the   nature   of   things   that   these   explanations sound very technical, but we have tried to make the most important things so easily and clearly in the preparation. Automatic data storage: When   you   visit   websites   today,   certain   information   is   automatically   created   and   stored,   including   on   this   website.   If   you   visit   our   website   as   it   is   now,   our   web   server (computer   on   which   this   website   is   stored)   automatically   stores   data   such   as   the   address   (URL)   of   the   website   you   are   looking   for,   browser   and   browser   version,   the operating   system   used,   the   address   (URL)   of   the   previously   visited   Page   (Referrer   URL),   the   host   name   and   IP   address   of   the   device   from   which   it   is   accessed,   and the date and time. As   a   rule,   web   server   log   files   are   stored   for   two   weeks   and   then   deleted   automatically.   We   do   not   disclose   this   information,   but   we   can   not   rule   out   that   it   will   be   seen in the event of unlawful behavior. Storage of your personal data: Personal   data   that   you   submit   to   us   electronically   on   this   website,   such   as   name,   e-mail   address,   address   or   other   personal   information   in   the   course   of   submitting   a form   or   comments   in   the   blog,   will   be   provided   by   us   together   with   the   time   and   IP   address. Address   used   only   for   the   purpose   specified,   kept   safe   and   not   disclosed   to third parties. We   only   use   your   personal   data   for   communication   with   visitors   who   expressly   request   contact   and   for   the   processing   of   the   services   and   products   offered   on   this website. We will not disclose your personal information without consent, but we can not rule out that it will be seen in the event of unlawful behavior. If   you   send   us   personal   data   by   e-mail   -   outside   of   this   website   -   we   can   not   guarantee   secure   transmission   and   protection   of   your   data.   We   recommend   that   you   never send confidential information via email. Your rights under the Data Protection Regulation: According to the provisions of the GDPR you have the following rights: Right   to   rectification   (Article   16   GDPR),   right   to   cancellation   ("Right   to   be   forgotten")   (Article   17   GDPR),   Right   to   restriction   of   processing   (Article   18   GDPR),   Right   to   be notified   -   Duty   to   notify   in   connection   with   the   correction   or   deletion   of   personal   data   or   limitation   of   processing   (Article   19   GDPR),   right   to   data   portability   (Article   20 GDPR),   right   of   opposition   (Article   21   GDPR),   right   not   to   be   subject   to   a   decision   based   solely   on   automated   processing   -   including   profiling   -   (Article   22   GDPR)   ,   If you   believe   that   the   processing   of   your   data   violates   data   protection   law   or   your   data   protection   claims   have   otherwise   been   violated   in   a   way,   you   can   complain   to   the supervisory authority responsible for you.
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